BenQ E-Series LED TV – True Beauty Fears No Light
12/31/2010 Tag: LCD TV

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, DECEMBER 31, 2010 – Internationally-renowned provider of digital lifestyle devices, BenQ, proudly announced the release of their E-Series LED TV, adding life to colors in the darkest corners, targeting families and those who are looking for a modern lifestyle and home design.

Fear No Light! – Glares, reflections, annoyance from the sun or light sources around the room could deteriorate the enjoyment of a well made blockbuster. With the an industry leading technology, the Reflection Defense Panel on the E-Series reduces the reflections and distractions created by other light sources in the room, providing 27.3% more contrast in comparisons with other TVs, so E-Series LED TV owners can enjoy true-to-life colors with more comfort to their eyes. Sitting on a smooth glass base, and treated with a special nano-grade anti-glare coating, the Reflection Defense Panel on the E-Series delivers higher contrast images, even in an ambient-lit room. Furthermore, the high-gloss and crystal black surface of the Refection Defense Panel accentuates the simple metallic design of the new BenQ E-Series, making it a masterpiece for even the very best furnished rooms.

Those that who have yet to hear about BenQ Senseye® Human Vision Technology are unfortunately missing out on the experiences of true colors through BenQ’s exclusive life-like digital image enhancement technology. Developed to deliver 28 independent color-calibrations that purify every hue, Senseye® provides viewers with high definition visuals that are deeper, richer and truer to life.

E-Series comes equipped with USB Multimedia ports, providing the users easy connections to more digital fun – Movies, Photos, Music. Combined with SRS JoySurround technology on the BenQ E-Series, users can enjoy rich enveloping sound quality through two built-in 8W speakers and a 10W subwoofer for enhanced bass effects.

BenQ’s LED backlight technology on the E-Series, presents a high dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 between the brightest and darkest areas for greater depth and definition on an ultra-slim design which enables light to be transmitted at a high efficiency rate with less power consumption, not to mention lighter and sharper motion images. The backlight technology further enhanced with BenQ’s own Senseye® technology which renders every image in perfect brightness, details, and depth.

These Motion Blur Free, Full HD 1080P E-Series LED TVs are also built on 10-bit panels and comes with BenQ’s 24P Real Cinema mode. Complementing with the 10bit panels, the saturated density on the E-Series between adjacent colors are made to be smoother and more naturally layered. When playing 24P (24 frames per second, progressive) encoded content through HDMI, BenQ\\'s 24P Real Cinema Mode adds duplicate frames to reduce unnatural artifacts, combined with other features mentioned previously, the E-Series can truly provide viewers with a home-cinematic experiences like never before.

The E-Series will be available in China in the mid-January 2011, the Middle East in mid-February 2011, and Taiwan in the end of February 2011. For more information, please visit