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BenQ treVolo S Bluetooth Portable Electrostatic Speaker | BenQ Global

The World’s Smallest Portable Bluetooth Electrostatic Speaker

Let your music take flight with BenQ treVolo S, the world's smallest portable Bluetooth speaker with prestigious Electrostatic Speaker Technology, delivering astonishing clarity and accuracy for your favorite vocal and acoustic music. Vertical dispersion of the entire thin-film diaphragm offers bidirectional sound projection for a more detailed audio performance and accurate delivery of natural, crisp and clear sounds. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in a compelling audio scene with non-distorted 3D audio technology and rich bass powered by dual woofers and dual amplifiers. It is a musical journey that elevates you, taking you to new heights of audio satisfaction.

key features

  • Hear all the details in your music with Electrostatic Speaker Technology
  • Enjoy a rich and expressive bass performance with dual woofers and dual amplifiers
  • Enhance your audio enjoyment with non-distorted 3D and duo modes
  • Connect to devices conveniently with NFC + USB DAC/charging

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